No reason to move to a new home to make life more exciting . . . put in a KIO.

KIO at the heart of your home, the kitchen, changes the entire nature of a home, you may feel like you’ve moved!

The KIO stands for Kitchen-Indoors-Outdoors.  It’s a techie piece of furniture that drops into an exterior wall of your kitchen.

Your home feels and operates bigger.  Outdoors is more readily at hand; your health is enhanced.  Your neighbor’s will talk!

A day in the lifestyle of living with a KIO

  • It's a beautiful evening you're getting ready to grill or simply have drinks with friends.  At the push of a button a large section of your kitchen glides outdoors and marries to the outdoor island grill. You suddenly have a large outdoor kitchen that is contiguous with your existing indoor kitchen.  Your home is wide open to nature, fresh air, views.  The kitchen is now twice as large with room roam with family and friends.
  • If the weather suddenly gets inclement, push a button and back indoors for protection.  Weather turns good again, back outdoors.  Outdoor activities never ruined.  Being in communion with nature is more a part of your life.
  • After outdoors festivities are complete with the push of a button, your home returns to its enclosed, secure cocoon. The paraphernalia of the outdoor activities all elegantly transported back inside where they are easily addressed.

Installing a KIO is very simple.  Most construction is arduous, messy and seems never ending.  Not a KIO as it comes as one piece of furniture and drops into “its home” location that is prepared by your interior designer/contractor.