Build a Custom Home

We’ve rethought the entire process of how we design, build and transform homes.
From start to finish, we handle all operations.

Choose your Symbio Custom Home Build
Whether a 1000 square foot "Desert Panorama" or a 4000 square foot "Infinity Home", we’ll assess your property and help you choose the model that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Lot Selection
We have several, spectacular properties available for your Symbio custom home.

Design Your Space and Finalize Floor Plans
Now for the fun part – Choose from the high end, fixtures and features of your dreams - all hand selected based on design, performance, affordability and sustainability. Need a garage? Dreaming of a cool deck?

Begin Construction
We’ll break ground on your Symbio property to begin building your custom home. Sit back and watch the magic happen as our team brings your dream into reality.

Final Walkthrough 
During this stage, we’ll walk you through the completed build to show you how to experience your new transforming home environment.

Move into your new Symbio Custom Home